Reading and Writing Assistance

Post Entrance Literacy Assessment (PELA)

Students are required to complete a Post Entrance Literacy Assessment (PELA) at the commencement of their studies at the University of Notre Dame. The PELA is designed to assess students’ literacy skills in order to achieve the best possible results as an undergraduate student. The PELA is a short literacy assessment task consisting of reading comprehension questions and a small writing task. PELAs are used in approximately 70% of Australian universities as a screening mechanism designed to assist students to achieve success in their undergraduate study.

Administration of PELA

  • The PELA will be administered in week 1 or 2 of the semester and will take approximately 35 minutes to complete. You do not need to undertake any preparation for this task.
  • The PELA is administered and graded by the Academic Enabling and Support Centre (AESC) and you will be contacted via email in approximately week 4 if your literacy skills require further development.
  • You will be strongly recommended to access Academic Support Office (ASO) services, i.e. workshops or individual appointments, if your literacy skills require further development.
  • This diagnostic support initiative is a tool to assist you in your studies, not a test. Many students require support with academic literacies. Seeking support early in your degree can provide effective development of academic skills necessary for successful tertiary studies.