Broome Campus - A Centre for Reconciliation

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The University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome Campus, established in 1994, has a special mission to promote the process of reconciliation between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of Australia.  This campus, situated in the Kimberley in the remote northern region of Western Australia, acknowledges the traditional owners, The Yawuru people, upon whose land the University is situated.

The Broome Campus provides strong support for the process of reconciliation through the provision of an educational arena within which Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can work together in the common pursuit of learning and training. This is done in an environment where different stories can be shared in an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and understanding.

This process of reconciliation on the Broome Campus is reflected in its curriculum and course design, and especially in the delivery of a unique Core Curriculum. At the heart of this Core Curriculum is the truthful telling of the history of our nation, a history that includes stories of dispossession, mistreatment and systemic injustice alongside efforts by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike to build a more just and equitable society.

As a Catholic University, we endeavour to place this struggle for true reconciliation in the context of the Christian spiritual quest to become fully human. The Campus also strives to maintain this focus of reconciliation across all disciplines taught within the University and is therefore not the responsibility of the Core Curriculum alone.

Through curriculum, course design, student support and all aspects of Campus life, we seek to assist the process of reconciliation. We are aware that the goal of a reconciled nation will be achieved when we live in ‘a united Australia, which respects this land, values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and provides justice and equity for all’ (Reconciliation Council).