Core Curriculum – Broome Campus

All undergraduate students at The University of Notre Dame Australia are required to complete three core units.  In Broome this is linked to the key objective of the Broome Campus of providing strong support for the process of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Students on the Broome campus are challenged to consider the theological and spiritual foundations of the Christian faith in dialogue with the history, world view and political context of our time and particularly with the Aboriginal people of Australia.

As a foundation to studies all Broome Campus undergraduates are required to complete three core liberal arts units – Theology, Aboriginal People and The Spirituality and Challenges of Reconciliation. The core curriculum aims to aid students in their search for identity while valuing the cultural context of Broome and the rich Catholic tradition of the University.

TH101 Introduction to Theology
This unit seeks to introduce students to the rich inheritance of the Catholic theological tradition.  The major biblical and systematic themes of Catholic theological reflection are introduced, including focus on the mystery of faith in God, Christian spirituality  and community and social justice.  Students will acquire the critical academic skills necessary for the subsequent pursuit of theological study.

AB100 Aboriginal People
Aboriginal People aims to promote, from a largely historical perspective, an understanding of the relationships of Aboriginal people with members of the Western Australian community.  It therefore focuses on patterns of positive interaction, conflict and alienation between settler and Aboriginal communities.  The unit provides the opportunity to explore Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal perspectives on government policies from 1827 to the present; focusing on issues of Aboriginality, power and control will also link a number of contemporary West Australian issues to this history. The reading, writing and wider observation developed within this unit is consistently directed towards a critical understanding of the interaction between Aboriginal and mainstream Australian values and activities in historical and contemporary contexts.

TH112 Spirituality and the Challenges of Reconciliation
This unit is based on the principles of Catholic social teaching and focuses on the need to develop a spirituality which will enable people of different cultures and histories to live in harmony. The unit proposes that the spirituality for the third millennium is a spirituality of reconciliation.  The opportunity to study the meaning of reconciliation theologically; to look at situations nationally and globally where reconciliation is needed; and to reflect on the skills and strategies used by churches, organisations and individuals to bring about reconciliation in various conflict situations around the  world will be provided in this unit.  Special emphasis will be placed on the Australian scene.

At Notre Dame we emphasise the value of the human person and the importance of developing and maintaining an atmosphere of reconciliation.  All students on the Broome Campus complete Core Curriculum units which deal with issues which go to the very heart of participation in Australian society.