Awards and Grants - Information

Internal Awards

  • School Awards – information from respective School/s
  • VC (PETLS) Awards - Annually – Call for Nominations approximately October of year prior to award presentation
  • VC award Guidelines
  • VC Awards Policy

External Awards

Australian Financial Review (AFR) Awards


Office of Learning and Teaching Australia (OLT) Augmenting students' learning for employability through post-practicum educational processes This is a large national project that aims to improve work integrated learning experiences for health professional students Griffith University, Flinders University, Monash University, The University of Notre Dame Australia (Carole Steketee), The University of Newcastle, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services

  • Government Grants
    The Department of Education (formerly the OLT) has suspended its grants programme indefinitely.
  • WAND Small Grants 2016
    (August 2016 – February 2017) Applications closed for 2016. (WAND Small Grants)
  • Award and Grant nominations typically require University endorsement. Expressions of interest should be directed to the Awards and Grants Officer in the LTO.
  • Expression of Interest - email Ainslie Robinson