Campus Ministry on the Broome Campus - A Campus of Reconciliation

Campus Minister
Mr Matt Hill

(08) 9192 0669

At the Broome Campus we are committed to a liturgical/ritual life that embraces the daily lives of our students. Prior to first practicums students are ritually ‘sent off’ wearing the garb of Notre Dame; international nurses and teachers days are marked; the dead are remembered; those completing their courses are blessed with oil to strengthen them for the journey ahead. We take every opportunity to foster reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Pastoral care is a priority on the Broome Campus. Many of our students are away from home for the first time, others have the constant concern of juggling study with family life. The Campus Minister is always available to listen to the challenges facing students, especially those new to Broome and new to a rigorous study program.

The Campus Minister contributes to the spirit of community  through his involvement  in local events including the Barrgana Lecture Series and the  Broome Shinju Festival. Students are encouraged to be mindful of those who are less fortunate by giving to the disadvantaged at Easter and Christmas.

The Campus Ministry Office is located upstairs in the Academic building next door to Lecture Room 11.  The Campus Minister is available to students and staff by appointment.  Eucharist is celebrated in the campus Oratory each Wednesday at 8am and Morning Prayer each Friday at 8am. Other rituals mark the on-going life of the students and the liturgical year.