Welcome to Campus Ministry, Fremantle

The work of Campus Ministry is at the heart of the community at The University of Notre Dame Australia. Guided by a rich tradition of Catholic faith and values, the efforts of Campus Ministry are centred on the person of Jesus Christ and dedicated to assisting staff and students alike to encounter Him in their every day activities.

The Campus Ministry team works to share the joy of the Gospel and hopes to promote, encourage and engage students’ faith on campus and to offer the chance for students and staff to flourish and seek excellence beyond measurable academic criteria.

Notre Dame Campus Ministry provides opportunities for fun and friendship, for discovery and wonder, for prayer and service, for liturgy and life. In doing this, we hope to support the spiritual life of the University and allow students of Notre Dame to receive a holistic education.

We invite you to explore the many ways in which Campus Ministry can help you engage with the Catholic faith. The following is a list of some of the opportunities which are currently available through Campus Ministry:

  • Interaction between local and international students
  • Opportunities for prayer and reflection
  • Daily Mass in the Holy Spirit Chapel (Monday-Friday 12:35pm, except Tuesdays when Mass is at 8:30)
  • Evening Prayer every Tuesday at 4:30pm in the Holy Spirit Chapel
  • The Holy Spirit Choir – singing sacred music open to singers of all skill levels
  • Sunday Mass at 6pm in the Holy Spirit Chapel. This includes an opportunity to meet and form friendships with Fremantle locals)
  • Scripture Study and Discussion
  • Special Events and Guest Speakers
  • Spiritual Retreats

Pastoral Care

In all that it does, the University seeks to provide an environment in which every student is encouraged and enabled to develop their own unique gifts and talents, to realise their God given potential, to realise their interconnectedness with all others and to seek to serve the common good.

Campus Ministry supports and assists in honouring significant moments in the lives of individuals or within the community whether they be issues of grief and loss like the loss of a loved one or a breakdown in a significant relationship, or also joyful occasions, such as preparing for marriage, the arrival of a child, graduation and the like.