In the World and For the World

Our Aspiration

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a university ‘in the world’ and ‘for the world’ and we seek to play an active role in the local, national and international community.

We seek to provide an excellent educational experience which will equip our students with attributes that go beyond excellent disciplinary expertise and/or technical knowledge.

We strive to foster in them skills, values and characteristics that enable them to connect with and serve the community through active participation, engagement and reflection.

We seek to provide an educational experience which is integrative and transformative, one which encourages students to develop solidarity with people worldwide and the Christian spirit of service.

The University currently provides a wide range of integrative and transformative educational opportunities for students including:

  • Study Abroad
    Opportunities to participate in formal Study Abroad programs at partner institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Leadership programs
    Opportunities to participate in leadership programs offered nationally and internationally.
  • Experience the World
    Opportunities to participate in ‘Experience the World’ units and activities.
  • Service learning and volunteer activities
    Opportunities to participate in service learning and volunteer activities, some of which are offered with partner organisations.

The In the World and For the World program aims to make these sorts of opportunities available to all undergraduate students.

Find out how these experiences help our students be "in the world" and "for the world" in this 4 minute video.

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