University Terminology Change 2018

Student Appeals

Students have a right of appeal against academic or administrative decisions affecting them.

The Policy: Student Appeals details the decisions or determinations of an academic or administrative nature that may be the subject of an appeal, and applies where a right of appeal is expressly provided to a Student or Prospective Student under the University’s General Regulations. The Policy: Student Appeals does not limit the right of a student to seek the assistance of an external person or agency to resolve an appeals.

The process

Student Appeals and Conduct Officers are available to assist and advise you in relation to the appeals process via email to either:

Fremantle or Broome Students

The relevant appeal form should be completed and submitted with a formal letter of appeal, and any supporting documentation. The Policy: Student Appeals clearly sets out the process for lodging an appeal in relation to each particular decision or determination. Before lodging an appeal, students are encouraged to discuss any disputed decision or determination with the appropriate Dean of School or Manager.

  Appeal to Dean
This form is used when you are appealing to the Dean in regard to the decision of the Board of Examiners or a Unit Coordinator, and should be submitted to the School that you are enrolled in.

  Student Appeal Form
This form should be used when you are appealing to Pro Vice Chancellor, Academic, Head of Campus, or the Academic Registrar, and should be submitted to relevant Student Appeals and Conduct Officer on your Campus.