University Terminology Change 2018

Student Grievances

The University recognises that students may wish to raise a problem, issue or grievance concerning their current or past involvement with the University (Grievance).

The University's process for the resolution of Student Grievances is outlined in the University Procedure: Student Grievances.

Procedure: Student Grievances

Flow chart of the Student Grievance Process

Grievance Officers

University Grievance Officers are available to provide staff and students with information about the Grievance resolution process and assist them to determine whether the subject matter of the Grievance falls within the scope of the Procedure: Student Grievances or is best dealt with under another University policy or procedure.

If you wish to raise a Grievance or seek further information about the Grievance process, please contact a Grievance Officer.

List of University Grievance Officers

External review

Where the Student is not satisfied with the outcome of the resolution process, they have the right to request an external review in accordance with the Procedure. Information regarding the external review process can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office on request.

Assistance from External Agencies

Students may also seek assistance from external agencies in relation to their Grievance at any time during the resolution process.

External Agencies