Statement of Fee Setting Principles for
The University of Notre Dame Australia

Since its founding in 1989, The University of Notre Dame Australia has been committed to its Objects: to provide “university education within a context of Catholic faith and values, and the provision of an excellent standard of teaching, scholarship and research; training for the professions; and pastoral care for its students”. In seeking to fulfil its Objects, Notre Dame is committed to making its courses affordable and accessible for all those who seek to undertake the University education provided by Notre Dame. The University’s Strategic Plan 2013 -2016, 1.7 Equity and Access states that the University is committed to ensuring “just access to the educational offerings at the University”.

In accordance with legislative requirements Notre Dame publishes its annual fees in October of the year prior to which they will be charged.

Notre Dame’s fee setting framework is guided by the principle of ‘just access’. ‘Just access’ means that Notre Dame takes into consideration a variety of factors in setting its fees, including:

  1. The costs of delivering the specific course in a way which enables the University to achieve its legislated Objects, with particular reference to the educational experience offered to every student;
  2. The costs of ensuring that Notre Dame can financially support all activities it undertakes in furtherance of its legislated Objects;
  3. The level of Government and philanthropic financial support Notre Dame receives to support its activities; and
  4. The potential impact of fees on students, both at the time they undertake their studies with us and after they graduate from us.