Notre Dame - 5 Stars Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching Notre Dame - 5 Stars Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching

Why choose Notre Dame?

Considering university study – why wouldn’t you choose Notre Dame? Check the Federal Government’s QILT website to see how we compare then call us on (08) 9433 0533 (Fremantle) or (02) 8204 4404 (Sydney) where we can answer all your questions and help with your application.

Be treated as an individual
As a Catholic university committed to providing excellent pastoral care, you will receive a personalised educational experience in an environment which encourages you to grow and develop in all aspects of your life. You will benefit from individualised academic and support programs, study abroad opportunities, volunteering, sporting and cultural activities. Our deliberately small lecture and tutorial sizes mean that your lecturers and fellow students will get to know you as an individual. You will learn more, be heard and have one-on-one contact with academic staff. For these reasons, Notre Dame achieved the result of being 1st in Perth and Sydney for Overall Quality of Educational Experience.

Ten years of 5-star ratings for Notre Dame
Notre Dame has been ranked among Australia’s leading universities reflecting its reputation for excellence in education and preparing students for a positive career start. The University received 5-star ratings from graduates in a record seven categories as published by The Good Universities Guide 2017: Overall Quality of Educational Experience, Teaching Quality, Learner Engagement, Student Support, Skills Development, Graduate Employment Rate, and Median Graduate Starting Salary.

Real, practical training
You will learn from academics who are leaders in their fields, so you will benefit from the latest industry insights and expertise and graduate well-equipped for your chosen profession. This is part of the reason why the University is 1st in Perth and Sydney for Graduate Employment Rate.

Personalised approach to university admission
Notre Dame’s unique admissions process considers the whole person. Entry to Notre Dame is based upon your academic record, personal qualities, motivation to study and potential to succeed; contribution to school, church or community life; and an interview with an academic staff member.

Our vibrant University Campuses
In the tradition of European university towns, you will walk past cafés, shops and restaurants to get to your lectures and tutorials. Our beautiful, historic Campus buildings and courtyards are situated in Fremantle's historic West End and the Sydney university precinct. This lends a distinctive character to Notre Dame as a university where you will truly be part of the vibrant, bustling neighbouring communities whilst studying for your future career.

Catholic intellectual tradition
Our Core Curriculum will introduce you to Philosophy, Ethics and Theology within the Catholic Liberal Tradition. Philosophy and Theology are essential resources for a critical mind. We guarantee that you will develop in your capacity to think for yourself, to justify your views and to respond to some of the greatest arguments ever offered on the most important questions ever asked. This will equip you with invaluable skills, combined with your academic and practical skills, you will graduate with the ability to think and reason – all with a sound ethical grounding. This is highly valued by your future employers.

Students apply direct to Notre Dame, not through WACE (WA) or UAC (NSW). Visit