How can I help my child?

Life after high school may be a challenging experience for some students and their parents. Here are some suggestions for a smooth transition:

  • Discuss your daughter or son’s interests, personal strengths, future work and study environments as well as career aspirations.
  • Openly talk about your own work and study experiences.
  • Involve your daughter or son in conversations with family and friends who may be working or have previously worked in your daughter or son’s areas of interest.
  • Encourage your daughter or son to explore their options with career counsellors, teachers and friends.
  • Attend career expos, university open days and course information evenings.
  • Read university publications to find out more about direct entry pathways, alternative entry pathways and available courses.
  • Assist your daughter or son to complete work experience in their area of interest.
  • Provide a supportive study environment.
  • Explore the web for information on career choices, pathways and higher education, for example: