The University of Notre Dame Australia is committed to achieving quality in all its activities and to meeting relevant standards and compliance obligations. Systematic quality assurance processes, including formal reviews, are an important part of the University’s improvement and compliance strategies.

The University’s approach to Reviews supports:

  • evaluation of institutional performance within the context of ensuring that outcomes support the achievement of the University’s objects and strategic goals;
  • evidence-based academic aspects, improvement of operations and service effectiveness;
  • assurance that the University meets relevant standards, external reference points and compliance obligations.

The following principles underpin review processes:

  • independent – to support informed management decisions
  • fit for purposes – tailored processes to take account of context and need, and to best support improvement in the University’s performance against strategic goals and regulatory provisions
  • transparent – characterised by clear and understood Terms of Reference and process
  • evidence based – using data and information from a range of sources, and including comparative data where available
  • rigorous – thorough processes designed to achieve maximum positive impact, tracking of outcomes, and support for implementation
  • efficient – timely and cost effective, including in the use of staff time and avoidance of duplication of effort where possible
  • integrated – with planning, budget and risk processes as far as practicable
  • risk based – focused on known or potential areas of risk to achievement of strategic goals.

Contact details for further information:

Further questions in relation to Course Reviews at Notre Dame can be directed to the Quality Management Office of each Campus.