Teaching Performance Evaluation (TPE) and Unit Content Evaluation (UCE)

The University of Notre Dame Australia has two evaluation cycles for TPE and UCE: summer term/semester one and winter term/semester two.  A TPE instrument is used to evaluate students’ perceptions of teaching quality and a
UCE instrument is used to evaluate students’ perceptions of unit content quality. The University conducts evaluations on a scheduled basis.

Why is Student Evaluation Feedback so Important and How is this Information Used?

In general terms, TPE and UCE contribute to the quality enhancement cycle for the University’s teaching-learning processes.  The specific feedback gathered from students can be used to:

  • monitor the teaching and academic content standards of the University, the Campuses, the Schools, individual academics, and individual units;
  • provide information which could be used as a basis for facilitating staff accountability and performance management;
  • provide a basis for commending exemplary teaching performance;
  • help academic staff to plan improvements to the teaching and/or content of units;
  • provide students with some information on how their general responses have influenced positive changes to teaching and unit content;
  • identify areas of need for academic staff professional development planning.

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Strategies for engaging Notre Dame Staff and students in 'closing of the feedback loop' for quality information which is collected

The staff-student relationship provides effective opportunities for:

  • communicating to new students the outcomes of previous evaluations and course changes made;
  • alerting students to areas where previous evaluations have demonstrated potential difficulties, useful resources or specific approaches;
  • publishing, as appropriate, aspects of student feedback for further discussion;
  • acknowledging the student voice in curriculum reform or redesign.

Further questions in relation to TPE or UCE at Notre Dame can be directed to the Quality Management Office of each Campus.