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Applied and Professional Ethics

One of the Objects of the University of Notre Dame Australia is the provision of an excellent standard of training for the professions. This central commitment to vocational training makes Applied and Professional Ethics a priority research area for the IES. In particular, we aim to develop research strengths in Ethics as it relates to the seven Schools of the University: Medicine, Nursing, Business, Law, Education, Arts and Social Sciences (including, for example, journalism), and Philosophy and Theology. Our research also extends to other areas of Applied and Professional Ethics, with particular specialisations in the fields of Sport Ethics and Military Ethics.

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Prof. Sandra Lynch

Prof. Sandra Lynch has research expertise in healthcare ethics (with a particular focus on palliative care), legal ethics and sports ethics. Her most recent publication in the area of Applied Ethics is a special edition of the journal Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, co-edited with Dr. Matthew Beard and entitled “Political Leadership, Professional Ethics, and the Problem of Dirty Hands” (REIO, Volume 13, Accepted July 2014; forthcoming).

For an introductory guide to the area of Applied Ethics by Prof. Lynch, please see: “Practical and Applied Ethics.” In An Introduction to Philosophy and Theology within Catholic Liberal Education, edited by Angus Brook, 175-183. North Ryde: McGraw-Hill Education, 2014.

For more on Sandy’s expertise and publications, please visit her Staff profile.