Institute for Ethics and Society

Indigenous Research and Ethics

The University of Notre Dame, in its 2013-16 Strategic Plan lists “Indigenous Research” as one of its six Research Focus Areas. As such, the IES is seeking to develop research in areas that bring together the University’s focus on Indigenous Research with the Institute’s own research expertise in Ethics, which is also listed as one of the University’s six Research Focus Areas.

Vital to developing this research intersection is the IES’s relationship with another of Notre Dame’s national institutes, The Nulungu Research Institute (based at the Broome campus), which “encourages the pursuit of excellence in research primarily through the valuing of community-based Indigenous knowledge”. At present, Nulungu focuses on three core research themes – Country (land, saltwater, freshwater, and desert), Health and Wellbeing, and Education.

A key step in exploring future research collaborations will be the 2016 joint conference of the IES, IHR and Nulungu, which will bring together scholars from across Notre Dame’s three national research institutes. More information coming soon.