School of Arts and Sciences, Sydney

Notre Dame’s School of Arts & Sciences, Sydney is a leading contributor to the field of arts and humanities which has consistently excelled in critical university indicators.

According to the federal government’s Quality Indicators for Learning & Teaching, Notre Dame is first in Australia in Humanities, Culture & Social Sciences for the following indicators:

  • Overall quality of educational experience.
  • Skills Development.

The School is also #1 in Sydney for the following:

  • Teaching quality.
  • Learner engagement.
  • Student support

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Why choose Notre Dame for your Arts & Sciences degree?

  • A high quality, ethical and practical arts and humanities education that will equip you for a career in a range of areas.
  • Extensive internship opportunities that provide practical experience and help to develop professional networks.
  • Access to lecturers and tutors who are experienced in their field.
  • Opportunities to participate in cultural immersion through our Experience the World and Study Abroad programs.
  • Support and mentoring every step of the way.