Scholarships and Prizes


The reality of life for approximately two-thirds of Notre Dame's students is that they must work part-time to afford the cost of an education and the cost of living.

Fundraising for scholarships and prizes continues to be a priority for Notre Dame. Scholarships play a vital role in opening doors to enable talented students to study, irrespective of their ability to afford fees or support themselves through their studies. Importantly they also promote a more diverse community, leading to greater learning opportunities for every student.

Scholarships, which offset tuition and/or assist in their related educational expenses, are an effective way of encouraging excellence in students and providing financial aid to those in need. By making a gift to fund scholarships, you can help to ensure access to an education at Notre Dame.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships require an investment of capital and are established in perpetuity. An amount is endowed and the interest awarded each year. Naming opportunities are available for Endowed Scholarships.

Term Scholarships

Term scholarships can be established for a set amount and time (for example $5,000 for 3 years). Naming opportunities are available for Term Scholarships. Term Scholarships can be renewed after the three year period.

Futures Scholarship Fund

A gift to the Futures Scholarship Fund will be placed in the endowment fund to create new opportunities for students now and for generations to come. Your generosity will be a wonderful source of encouragement to our students.


Student prizes and awards recognise a student's achievements. Prizes encourage, recognise and reward the most outstanding students who are expected to make valuable contributions to the University and to our society.

As with scholarships, prizes can be established for a set amount and time, or in perpetuity.

If you wish to establish a scholarship or prize, please contact us.

To make a gift please click here. For further information please contact us.